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We are strongly committed to ethic in each of the activities that we daily perform.

At BRCR Global we ensure that all personnel that work for us comply with our values, among them the respect for people, for the company, the integrity, excellence, workteam, transparency, quality and objectivity.

We have a Conduct Code which covers each of these areas and guide us to achieve the best ethich standars we seek to achieve, in order to place ourselves as a one of the leading companies in the research market.



Protection of Human Research

One of our pillars at BRCR Global is to ensure the rights, well-being and protection of the privacy of people who participate in each of our research studies, as well as the confidentiality of the data and biological samples that are collected throughout our studies.

Our approach to protecting human subjects is guided by ethical principles and guidelines outlined in the Belmont Report: respect for people, charity and justice.


BRCR Global cultivates transparency in its management and we show clarity without expressing ambiguity in order to avoid interpretation.

When we talk about transparency, we refer to that attitude and methodology that allows controlling the most important aspects of clinical research in a company in so that our goals and results are fulfilled, with the participation of all the people of our organization, who are influenced for the rest of the values of our organization.
As a company we are very aware of these demands, and we have looked for mechanisms and tools to handle the necessary information and thus be clearly accountable. Transparency is key to the future of organizations as this promotes trust and credibility.

Honesty, loyalty and the trust linked to our usual practice for all of us who work in BRCR Global, transparency as one of the four pillars is a value, a commitment and a permanent attitude in our work teams. A company that is not transparent in what it offers becomes conflictive as trust collapses. On the other hand, an organization that clarifies everything with transparency will always be strengthened.


BRCR Global is committed to punctuality with its clients and associates, reaching a transcendence linked to respect for trust and investment in us.

The commitment with terms is a discipline that BRCR Global self-implements in order to comply with the obligations, compromises and wishes previously set. However, punctuality is also key in our daily life and is also a sign of our word and commitment to our environment and customers.
We have control systems that can help to limit the time we dedicate to each task in order to achieve punctuality. Trust is the goal that we are interested in obtaining in each of the areas assumed in an area as important as the integrity and health of the human being.

Boca Raton Clinical Research follows HIPAA Guidelines and maintains patient confidentiality. Patient registration, medical history, family history and trial participation is stored in our patient database and is never shared or sold.

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We have extensive experience in a variety of therapeutic areas by managing studies in USA, Latin America, Caribbean Islands and Central America. We have built strong business relationships with main researchers in several cities in the referred regions.

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